Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My first time with a serger...aka that time I wanted to throw my shirt in the UFO pile, except I already told you about it.

As you may know, I was recently gifted a serger.  It's awesome.   It makes the cleanest, nicest seams my two hands have ever sewn.  We were in love.  Then, Mr. Serger (yes, my serger is a guy) and I thought it would be a great idea to tackle another version of New Look 6150.  Hey, we figured, that ruching worked out so well the first time, let's try it again in a super cool cross over version! Plus, I have yet to show all of you the wonders of serging AND I have this amazing stretchy jersey that feels just like pajamas!
Check out that serged seam!!!

Then, I started sewing.  Ugh.  This version of the pattern was not nearly as awesome or easy to put together or comfy as the first one.  It was full of all sorts of quirks.  Quirks+patterns=bad news.  Just in case you didn't know.  I digress.  Why don't I tell you how I really feel...

Pattern: New Look 6150: A knit top with ruched shoulders and bodice.  There is also a faux-wrap v-neck in the front.  I tried this pattern once already, here, with a different variation.  Again, I shortened the sleeves and the bodice by 2 inches.

Sizing: I cut a size 6 again.  It worked well last time, and I figured that although the cut was different, the fit would be similar.  I was wrong :(

Did it look like the photo/drawing? Ehhhh, kinda...  In the drawing, there is a lot more gathering/ruching which there just was not enough fabric for in my version.  Maybe I should have cut a bigger size, and done more gathering? I don't know, but mine isn't nearly as comfy looking as the one on the pattern front.
See that bit on the side? That's my "decorative" ruffle.

Were the instructions easy to follow? NO! I had to take this apart more than once because I just couldn't figure out what the heck the instructions wanted me to do.  In the end, the pattern forgot to have me attach all of the layers together, so I improvised, and added a "decorative" ruffle.  HA.

What I love most: The fabric feels like heaven.  Pure heaven! I wish everything I owned was this cozy!  I'm not crazy about the fit, but I will probably wear this around the house a lot because I love that fabric so much! Plus, I got to use my serger.  Who doesn't love that?

What I would do differently if I made it again:  I wouldn't.  But, if I were forced to: The neckline sits way too high.  I should have figured this out because in the photo on the pattern envelope, the neckline is high, but I thought that it had something to do with the relatively small chest the model has.  I figured my chest would pull things into their proper places.  Obviously, I was wrong.

Fabric Used: 1 yard of amazingly stretchy jersey.  It is a bit more sheer than I thought it would be, but it's okay, I'll wear a cami underneath!  This fabric is totally worth it!

Pattern alterations: Again, I shortened the sleeves and the bodice by 2 inches.
Check it!

Recommended? NO! The neckline came out all wonky, and I'm still not sure how they got the pictures to look like they do.  I seriously don't think they constructed the gorgeous back-of-neck draping in the photo with this pattern--or these instructions. 

You could wear it to snuggle with your cat.  Just a thought...
Final thoughts: Just say no! Unless you want to make the other view, which was better.  I like the fabric sooooooo much, but the weird neckline/hunchback effect of the gathering is not my thing.  It will be relegated to sleepy time and lazy Sundays!  If my serger didn't make this whole thing so pretty on the inside so quickly, I probably wouldn't have finished it.


  1. You did pick such lovely fabric too. Still, it looks like a fun top to wear.

  2. lol - great story. And it is very pretty fabric!

    1. I'm glad my mishaps gave you some laughs! Thanks!