Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sew Grateful 4: My Sew Grateful Project/ The Sew Free Project!

A few weeks ago, I shared some free things that I would love to try out if I had the time, as well as some patterns and tutorials I was lusting after.  I also talked about a series of posts you can look forward to: The Sew Free Project.  Each month, I'll be posting my completed project review of a free pattern or tutorial found online.  I figured that Sew Grateful Week was as good a time as any to get started!
To kick off The Sew Free Project, I chose the dolman sleeve top from Cation Designs

Pattern: Cation Design's Dolman sleeve top: The pattern itself is a free printable pdf with only 8 pieces.  I hate having to print and tape 8 million pattern pieces together, so I couldn't be happier about that! However, there were no instructions for putting the pattern pieces together.  Usually a pdf pattern has some sort of letters of numbers to match up the edges, this didn't.  It definitely took me a few tries to put together!  I took a picture of what it should look like put together just in case you'd like to make your own.  Hopefully that will save you some time!

Sizing: I cut a size small.  It fits well everywhere but the neck.  It's a bit too wide.  Next time, I want to try to adjust for narrow shoulders.  I like the drapey effect, but I think it's just a bit too much. What do you think?

Did it look like the photo/drawing? Yes!

Fabric Used: 1.5 yards of knit.  It's got this lovely lacy striped pattern on it that's kind of hard to see in the photos, but is really pretty!

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very, very, very easy!  This was one of the quickest makes EVER.  There are four seams to sew, a neck band, a waist band, and two arm bands, then you're done! BAM!  This seriously took like an hour to cut and sew, if that.  It also took me an hour to cut and put the pieces together, but that's all over now...

What I love most: The pattern fits well, was easy to make up, and is a great basic top for jeans.  Plus, it's made for knits, which I love.  Stretchy, cozy goodness!  Oh, and the lines match up with little pictures of cats.  Perfect if your cat is like mine, and loves to sit on your patterns while you sew...

What I would do differently if I made it again:  You mean when I make it again? Adjust for my narrow shoulders.  The neckline is a bit funny, too.  I think it's time to invest in a walking foot...

Pattern alterations: None, yet.  Next time, there will be!

Recommended? Absolutely.  It's free, cozy, and easy! What could be better than that?  I also think this would be a great first project for someone who wants to try sewing knits for the first time.

Final thoughts: Love it!  I'm off to make a few million more...


  1. Love it, I'll have to try this one myself.

  2. Thank you! You definitely should, very easy, and very comfy!

  3. mmm...I will definitely try this!
    thanks for sharing!