Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pattern Runway Shift Dress

I know that my Me-Made-May posts have been a bit erratic.  I've actually been keeping up with my 3 items a week pledge, I've just been so busy in the mornings that I haven't been taking pictures before I leave the house.

May, however, has been a busy sewing month for me too!  I have been finishing up a lot of projects that I've either been working on for a while, or have had in the to-do pile for ages.  My most recent make has been great for the transitional weather we've had over the past couple of weeks, but I think it may be getting just a little bit too hot to keep wearing it.  I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of it in the fall with tights!

PatternPattern Runway 1303: Women's Relaxed Fit Shift Dress

Sizing: I cut an XS.  The dress is very relaxed, so I need to wear in with a belt, but that's what I was going for with this one: easy to pull on, and comfy to wear.

Fabric: Some sort of awesome floral mystery fabric.  I'm pretty sure it's polyester.  It's a bit sweaty, but has a great drape and I love the print.

Instructions:  The instructions were very thorough.  If you're a beginner, they are very helpful; if you're more experienced you probably won't need them.  This was a very straightforward make.

What I love most: The sleeves.  I love the faux rolled-up sleeve.  The button is totally non-functional, but I feel like it adds a special something to an otherwise boring silhouette.

What I would do differently the next time:  I would definitely cut the XXS.  The fit on this is VERY relaxed, and it's a bit ridiculous looking without the belt.  Maybe in a smaller size I could get away with not wearing one...

Pattern alterations:  I omitted the zip up the back.  It was large enough that I was able to slip it right over my head, so I didn't need it.

Recommended? If you don't mind a loose silhouette.  I usually go for a more fitted, tailored look, but I wanted something comfy to wear to work on those blah days when I don't know what to wear.  Also, if you are a very small size (below a RTW 4), you may have to grade down the smallest size.

Final thoughts:  I am so glad to have finally finished this make.  I had the dress 99% completed for a few months before a dealt with the neckline binding. Yay for working through the UFO pile!


  1. I know it's not your usual tailored look, but this looks so cute! And the sleeves look amazing!

  2. Thanks! The sleeves were surprisingly easy.

  3. Thank you so much! I'm thinking it may be good for cool evenings at the beach. With the 90 degree weather we're having here in NY right now, it's not looking like it I'll be wearing anything with sleeves very soon!

  4. Gorgeous looking dress - that print and style looks lovely on you :)