Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feeling Resolutionary

Many other bloggers have been steadfastly proclaiming their goals, sewing and otherwise, for the new year. I applaud you all for being so awesomely ready to jump into the new year. I, however, have remained silent on the subject.

Unlike a lot of my friends who love to talk though their problems, I do my best thinking when I'm a quiet observer of the world around me.  It allows me to take in what others have to say and calculate my reaction.

Two weeks into the new year, I'm finally ready to react.

Turns out I currently have more than 100 patterns in my stash.  That's enough for me to sew two patterns a week for an entire year with no repeats.  Which a lot for me!  I generally make one new thing every week (sometimes two).  Plus, there are currently 246 (and growing) pins on the Sew Free board.  That's roughly 350 patterns. 

If I were to sew two different patterns every week, I'd still be sewing 3 1/2 years from now.


So, here's my resolution:

One year.  No new patterns until all of the old ones have been used.  The end.

Well, not quite.

Like any resolution, there will be exceptions:
  • If someone gives me a new pattern, I obviously will add it to my stash and sew it up at my leisure.
  • If, by some miracle of the sewing gods, I do make my way through all of my patterns, I will be allowed to buy new ones. 
  • For books and magazines, sewing one pattern from the selection offered counts as "using it."  I'm not sewing every single pattern out of a Burda Magazine before I ever buy another pattern.  That's just cruel.
  • I'm not including free patterns in this ban...because that's a lot of patterns, and I really don't like some of them at all, I just include them all on the board in case someone else likes them :)
  • I'm also not including menswear patterns because they're clearly not for me and I just don't think it's fair to count them against me.
That's it!  

Wish me (and my bank account) luck!


  1. Whaaaa? Huh???? Good luck with THAT! :)

  2. Can I say I'm a little amazed too? lol

  3. You WOULD call me out on that! I'm not including my "secondary stash" in this at all. (For all those wondering, I have about 200 other patterns in a box under my bed that I got as part of a lot on ebay that I haven't touched/don't like/will never use.) I'm going to donate 99% of them before I move to Chicago. The ones that I really like but are not my size I'm going to hold on to and giveaway on the blog at some point.
    So, to answer your question, this really just applies to the patterns that are on my pinterest board. I'm not counting the ones that I'll be donating.

  4. Hahahaha I wasn't sure how ambitious you were trying to be!!

  5. Also, I had no idea how many patterns you had that you liked and wanted to make!

  6. Good luck to you! I'm trying to work strictly (well, sort of... ) from my fabric stash at the moment, and it's hard!

  7. Such a good reseloution! I made a similar one. I counted and I think I have 31 unsewn patterns, not including freebies or ones in books. I'm going for one per month. And only buying 4 new patterns for the whole year. This is going to take a lot of sefl control!

  8. Would it be worth going through the patterns and checking how many you ACTUALLY want to sew up? I've gone through mine twice recently and ended up getting rid of 30+ patterns. I'm left with.. .50, which is actually more than I thought, but includes menswear, a couple of costume patterns, some that I just want to steal design inspiration from, and a couple of "for the funny" ones. Only 18 haven't been sewn up already.

  9. Good luck to you as well! I'm not swearing off adding to my fabric stash any time soon!

  10. Good luck! 1 a month seems like an attainable goal. Plus, at least you have the wiggle room of buying 4 new ones :)

  11. I have already done that :) As Kristin called me out on (below) I have about 200 patterns I'm not interested in that I'm getting rid of before I move. I legitimately have 100+ patterns that I actually like and have/had plans for when I bought them! As I said above, I'm not including men's, children's, and book/magazine patterns in this because I definitely don't want to sew up every single pattern in a burdasyle mag before I let myself shop for new patterns! Plus, some of the books I bought for the info, not for the patterns, ya know? If I only had 18, I definitely wouldn't be banning myself for the year...maybe just for the month! Good for you for having so much self-control!

  12. You can totally do this! It's like stashbusting but patternbusting! As we're the same measurements, if you totally need something 'new' as a 'gift', drop me a line and I'd be more than happy to share some patterns! xoxo