Sunday, May 11, 2014

La Sylphide

Life is getting crazy.  Or rather less crazy, I suppose.  Now that the weather has changed from blah to beautiful, I just want to sit outside all the time instead of working.  Which also means less time for sewing and blogging and more time for sunning.

In all honestly, it's probably a good thing.  My legs are quite pale enough, thankyouverymuch.  Plus, my closet is already chock full of sundresses.

Anywho, the beautiful weather does make taking photos much, much easier.  If you remember batteries for the camera, that is.  Enter exhibit A: My La Sylphide blouse.

That peplum is totally even, I swear.  It was windy!

Doesn't it look great?

Well, my camera died after two shots, so this is all you're getting.  The front is definitely passable from this angle (although the gaping just below the waist is driving me nuts...I may have to go back and add in some snaps there), but the back is all kinds of swayback issues that you'll never see.  Just trust me on this.  They're there.

This is technically my muslin of this pattern anyway, so I'm not that upset about it.  And by muslin I mean what was I thinking with a button down in jacquard chiffon.  I love the fabric, and I love the way it turned out on this blouse, but putting it together was a real pain in the ass.

I french seamed the entire thing, and finished the sleeves and hem with a baby hem.  It was DEFINITELY my hardest make to date.  That stuff is slippery, shifty, and frays like crazy.  But, I love the color and the drapeyness of the fabric, so I'm calling it a win.  I definitely made some fitting changes (fba and fixing aforementioned swayback issues) for v2, but this is definitely in the "wearable" category for me.

Plus, how awesome does green look with my new hair color?  WIN.

Pattern: La Sylphide from Papercut Patterns (the obsession continues)
Size: S
Fabric: Green Jacquard Chiffon that came all the way from NYC


  1. the first thing I thought was that it looks great with your hair colour, definite win ;o)

  2. I love it! And I really like the polka dots as well. You look great!

  3. Very nice! Love it in that fabric. :-)

  4. Wow I love it. And what an awesome outfit! Enjoy the sun!

  5. It's super cute and I love the fabric! Enjoy the sun!! :-)