Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nettie + La Sylphide

First off, thanks for all the love on my last post.  You guys are amazing.

Now, on to the patterns at hand.

In January, I made a resolution: NO MORE PATTERNS!  I did make it through 5 months pattern free, and then I bought like 3 patterns in a week.  And I've purchased no more since then.  Maybe, for you, this would be considered a lot, but for me that's waaaaaay less than what I used to do!  So, I'm calling it a win and am going to keep doing what I'm doing.  Basically, 5 months pattern free made me much more conscious of the patterns I do buy, how much I will make them, and whether or not they are a good fit for my lifestyle.  From here on out, my new resolution is to buy patterns that I can see myself making more than once.  I'm not forcing myself to or anything, because some patterns just don't work, but if I don't think it has more than one make potential, I'm not buying it.

Enter Nettie.

I freaking love bodysuits.  They're seriously the perfect solution for those of us that love to tuck in our shirts.  My tees are ALWAYS riding up and creating a bulge around my waistband, which drives me nuts.  Bodysuits totally solve that problem.  Plus, coverage for windy days?  Thank you, Heather Lou!!!

La Sylphide and I have met two times before (here and here).  But, the pattern has three variations, so why stop there?  I upped the ante here a little bit by using snaps up the front instead of buttons.  It really wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be, plus I got to use a hammer.  Is there a better way to take out your frustrations?  I think not.

That's all I have to say about these two.  They're perfect, wearable, basics.  Expect to see them again!

Finally, Sally is having a stashbusting summer challenge.  Which I need SO BAD.  I actually keep track of my stash, and since I met Sally, I have an extra 48 yards of fabric sitting around.  EEeeek.  Check out everyone's progress and join up here


Patterns: Nettie from Closet Case Files // La Sylphide from Papercut Patterns
Fabric: 1yd of bamboo jersey // 1.5yds of rayon challis
Size: 6 at the hip, graded to 8 at the waist, and 4 at the shoulders // XS
Alterations:  Originally, none.  I ended up chopping off the snap crotch because I thought it was uncomfortable.  So I technically took out .5in from the front and back at the crotch.  I think it fits better now, anyway.

What are your go-to patterns?


  1. This outfit is super sweet and summery. Making a bodysuit is an awesome idea! I think you have inspired me to create one also. Happy sewing:)

  2. YAY SO CUTE! Love this yellow skirt WITH SNAPS! You'll have to show me how to do that one day :) And also, I think it is hilarious that you have counted the yardage you have acquired since we met, and now I feel somehow responsible ;) Hahaha - but really, we are mutually enabling!!!

  3. VERY CUTE! I love these summer basics. And, I agree, adding some hammering into sewing makes it the ultimate in stress relief. :-D

  4. Really cute and perfect for summer!

  5. This looks great! I've been really tempted to buy the Nettie pattern but I'm trying not to buy new stuff too. :)

  6. obsessed with bodysuits!! Do ittttt

  7. mutually enabling. exactly. I mean I'm sure I'm totally responsible for a certain giraffe dress in your wardrobe... oh, and I love making lists. Eric says there will, one day, be a very expensive list of things in lists lol

  8. Automatic buttonholer giving you trouble? BAM! Hammer that shit closed!

  9. I'm advocating making an exception for Nettie!