Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nettie to the Maxi

Wohoo! I'm back!!  I started grad school this summer (yay!) so things have been extra special hectic around here recently.  Translation: I have like 10 things to show you but no time to take pictures!  I'm also moving to a new apartment with a backyard (!!) this week, so I'm hoping that once things get settled I'll have a perfect place to take photos with a tripod and won't need to wait for Mr. Photo-taker.

So, the maxi.  It started its life as a Nettie...and ended here.  I really, really needed a new "I feel like wearing pajamas all day" dress as my old, store bought cozy maxi is looking a little sad.  So I hacked my Nettie pattern.

If I didn't sell you enough last time: get a Nettie.  It's so hackable, and seriously the perfect start to so so many possibilities.  I'll probably make a million.  Sorry, not sorry.

This was a super duper easy hack if you also need some public-appropriate super comfy maxis.

Here's what I did:

  1. Cut out the pieces for the high back and the scoop front, stopping at the "shelf bra" line instead of going all the way down the bodysuit.
  2. Cut out extra binding for the arm holes.
  3. Cut two rectangles for the skirt pieces, 30in wide x whatever you want the length to be.
  4. Gather using Andrea's most excellent method.
  5. Attach the skirt pieces to the bodice pieces.
  6. Sew up the sides.
  7. Attach armhole binding using the same method as neck binding.
  8. Hem if you want. I didn't because I'm a rebel lazy.

I'm hoping to make up some more of these in shorter versions with natural waists because the empire waist isn't the most flattering.  Boy is it comfy, though!

Oh, and just in case you missed it on instagram, my hair is purple.

And, clearly the most important thing is that the boy says I look like a mermaid in a maxi on the beach with purple hair.  So, here's my best fish face.


Pattern: Nettie by Closet Case Files
Size: 8, graded to a 4 at the shoulders.  I should have just done a straight 8 here, though, this fabric is not as stretchy as my last one!
Fabric: 2 yards of mystery cotton-poly-whatever jersey from JoAnn
First version: here


  1. Check you and your mad hacking skills, lady! That is pure summer comfort!

  2. Cute! Did you do the scooped back?

  3. Looks so comfy! I really like this style with the empire waist. I need a Nettie Maxi Hack and a beach stat!!

  4. Perfect summer dress! Everyone who sees you will be jealous of how great you look.

  5. I love your shade of purple, and your Nettie maxi. I tripped like a fool today while running and have a gross scrape covering my upper calf, so I need to make myself some maxi dresses to wear until my leg stops looking so disturbing. I'm going to keep this Nettie hack in mind!

    What did you return to grad school for? I feel like I should know this based on a conversation we had at the meetup, but I can't remember!

  6. Fantsatic hack! I agree that a good maxi is essential to every wardrobe. It really is like wearing pajamas. Good luck with the move! I really hope you LOVE having a backyard. It's been my favorite part of our new place!

  7. Fish face!!!! Bahaha - YAY! So excited for the new place!!! I would comment on the awesomeness of this dress, but I already did.. in person ;)

  8. Really really cute! And high five for not hemming knit maxi dresses (I don't) :)

  9. It's looking pretty good down there...come sew with me!

  10. The backyard definitely needs some work, but I'm loving that it's there to look at :)

  11. Hahaha. You sound like me. I have a million bruises all the time.

    I'm studying urban education :)

  12. Nope, this is the high back, I think? I did the mid-scoop back for my white version, though!

  13. Knits are the easiest to hack :) I don't know how much skill was really involved in literally snipping till it worked, lol